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For information during a Los Altos Hills County Fire District EMERGENCY tune to radio station KFJC 89.7FM

Emergency Preparedness

Unexpected emergencies can happen at any time.  The Los Altos Hills Fire District is committed to keeping residents well informed and prepared for these emergencies.  To aid you in your efforts to prepare for an emergency, the District has put together the following helpful resources:


For information on our CERT team members, or to train to become a CERT member, visit this page.

Evacuation Checklist

During an emergency, it is often difficult to think about all the actions to take to protect yourself and your family.  This checklist will help you to organize your actions, and help you remember the most important items to consider during an evacuation.

Evacuation checklist


Status Signage

Help our fire and safety professionals during an emergency by posting a status hanger in front of your residence.  Print these bright signs and affix them to a visible location in front of your home.  Make sure to secure them from wind and weather.  Print these bright signs and affix them to a visible location in front of your home" in the event of a disaster.


We're OK Hanger Sign     HELP! Hanger Sign


FEMA - Are You Ready? Guide

This helpful guide from FEMA will help you learn how to prepare for various emergencies.  You can browse and online version of the book at FEMA's website, or download the complete book below.



How To Fight Flooding at Home Brochure

This 2 page guide has helpful information on flood prevention and how to correctly fill sand bags.  The location for sand bags in Los Altos Hills is at the Town of Los Altos Hills Corporation Yard, at Purissima & Viscano Rd, Los Altos Hills.  The other place is at the McKenzie Park Parking Lot - 707 Fremont Avenue between Springer & Miramonte, Los Altos, CA 94024.


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