The Anatomy Of An Engine

Los Altos Hills County Fire District
Engine "Rescue 14"

Kovatch Custom Rescue Pumper

A Fire Engine carries a complex collection of equipment, tools, and medical supplies. Because of the wide variety of needs that may be encountered, so there are different kinds of "engines" that are optimized to deal with different situations. They can all fight a fire, but one with a big ladder may be needed for tall buildings. Another may be built to travel over rough terrain to fight wildland fires. Another may carry a wide diversity of tools and medical supplies to be able to tackle "Rescue" and "Medical" situations in addition to suppressing a fire.

Such a truck is shown below. This is R14 where the "R" means "Rescue" and the "14" means it is based in Los Altos Hills at the El Monte station. This truck is outfitted to be able tackle fires and perform rescue or extraction operations as well as provide emergency medical support. Sometimes all three activities may be called for simultaneously, such as when there is a vehicle crash involving fire as well as injured occupants, some of whom may still be trapped in a crushed vehicle.

The pictures below are interactive.

If you hover your mouse over the general area indicated by the yellow dots in the pictures of the engine below, a box will pop up with a description of what is under the mouse.

If you do not have a mouse but a touch-screen instead, then just touch a finger tip to the different parts of the engine.

Captain's Side
Driver's Side
Topside Compartments
Front and Rear Views